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Garage doors are used frequently and may be susceptible to breakdown if they are not serviced from time to time. We often overlook minor problems and telltale signs of a dysfunctional garage door, as far as it works. However, one day it may just stop working altogether and it can happen at any time of the day. While we offer 24-hour garage door service to assist you on those times, it is always better to choose regular checks so that the problem can be diagnosed at its initial stages. It will not only save you from surprise situations like breakdown at an unfavorable hour but also save you huge costs in repair.

State Garage Door Service has a team of experts that is committed to provide contract based checks for all its clients and conduct repair work, onsite, if they find trouble in your door’s smooth working. Our experts are adept at handling all kinds of repair work, regardless of its size and complexity.

Garage door inspection:

State Garage Door Service Vallejo, CA 707-633-0772State Garage Door Service’s team of experts are equipped to handle all kinds of repair work and can offer installation services for all kinds of garage doors. Don't worry if yours uses torsion springs or any other complex mechanism. We can assure you that you will be able to handle it for you appropriately! Before we start the treatment process, we conduct thorough inspection of your garage doors and identify even the smallest part that is likely to cause trouble or is already causing problem. However, for your garage door’s longevity, we recommend that you get your doors checked from time to time.

We have been working on a set schedule of maintenance checks for all our clients in Vallejo, CA. This allows our clients to ensure that their doors stay functional and continue providing safety to their premises. In our inspection package, we check all the components such as hardware, spring tension, hardware, cables etc. Based on our evaluation, we recommend solutions to our clients and take it from there.

Damaged doors:

If your doors were installed years ago, they are likely to get damaged for a variety of reasons. You can call State Garage Door Service experts if you are looking for your door’s regular upkeep or even upgrade from an old one to a new one. We service all residential and commercial clients in Vallejo, CA, so feel free to call us with your concern.

Off-track garage doors:

When garage doors slip off their tracks, they need someone professional to get them back on. However, it is also recommended to not do it on your own as it can be risky and can cause serious injury. Call State Garage Door Service if you face this problem. Let our experts handle it for you safely and professionally.

Garage door repair work is a specialized work and must only be done by an expert. If you need a hand, don't hesitate to call State Garage Door Service. We will be happy to suggest best and most reasonable solutions after inspecting the source of your problem.